General Choi's Last Seminar / 崔泓熙將軍生前最後一次召開國際跆拳道技術研討會

The last ITF International Instructors' Course taught by General Choi Hong-Hi in April 2002. Featuring Master Ed Newcomer, 7th Dan, performing Yon-Gae tul. Master Newcomer was the last US instructor to perform a pattern and to receive instruction from General Choi. (Master Newcomer was a 6th Dan at the time of this seminar.) General Choi regularly called on Master Newcomer to demonstrate patterns during the ITF courses he attended. Master Newcomer's e-mail address is:
Video taken by Mr. Robert Martin. Mr. Terry Wisniewski performed pattern Juche and that video can be found at:

Master Class 2012 with President Choi, Jung Hwa / 2012年崔重華主席的技術研討會

Senior Class / 高帶班